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Our goal in creating Feneche products is to continuously strive for excellence and luxury. We promise our customers premium results, and we aim to deliver every time, with skin that is supple, toned, and beautiful. After years of research and development, we have determined that the most beneficial ingredients for high-quality skin care are botanical stem cells and 24k gold. By harnessing the antioxidant power of soothing botanicals from nature and the rejuvenating power of luminescent gold, we are now able to produce a wide variety of age-defying products to meet the many needs and desires of our customers. In fact, we have launched a variety of skin care collections to do just that. From the AM/PM Collection that works day and night to protect and nourish your skin, to our Collagen Collection that uses innovative collagen-boosting peptides to stimulate your own skin cells—all of these collections are part of our higher goal to deliver luxurious, premium results in everyday products. Using only the newest technologies available, these products have been shown to help fill fine lines, promote even skin tone, and maintain firmness and elasticity. All this, while giving your skin a visibly radiant, shimmering glow. Join us in experiencing the best that luxury skin care has to offer! FENECHE..


Using the latest in innovative technologies, we have been able to extract plant stem cells from botanicals for effective use in our anti-aging products. These plant stem cells have powerful antioxidant activity that has been shown to inhibit inflammation, neutralize free radicals, and combat the effects of photoaging. By infusing these cells into our various Feneche products, we are able to meet a wide variety of consumer needs, from reducing expression lines and evening out skin tone, to maintaining skin firmness—all for a more youthful appearance. 


Because we want to create safe products for our customers, our Feneche line is entirely paraben-free. This means that our products are safe and gentle enough to apply daily.


By infusing 24k gold into a number of our products, we have been able to provide consumers with both immediate and lasting age-defying effects. Gold produces an instant luminosity in the skin that gives customers that luxurious glow. What’s more, because of gold’s bioavailability, it creates a reservoir in the skin that continually fights the breakdown of collagen. Gold is therefore able to reduce sunspots, stimulate blood circulation, and act as an antioxidant. All of this results in a number of beneficial effects including the maintenance of skin elasticity and firmness, toned skin, and a reduction in fine lines.


In order to support local economies, all of our Feneche line products are made right here at home, in the United States of America.


Because we want to create safe products that are also humane, none of our Feneche line items are ever tested on animals. By taking the smallest of tissue samples from selected botanicals, we are able to extract the key plant stem cells for use in our effective skin care products without having to sacrifice the plant life. In this way, animals, plants, and in turn the environment, are all well protected. .

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